Web development in Estonia

Many have likely encountered that when creating a website in Estonia and elsewhere, you are offered a uniform working scheme, identical functionality for both an individual entrepreneur and a large corporation. This is incorrect.

Each company has individual needs, goals, and tasks.

Often the issue is about the price. Want something special, unique, exclusive?
Then pay more.

But this scheme does not always justify itself.

создание сайтов в Эстонии
создание сайтов в Эстонии


How to incorporate your individual needs into website creation without overpaying?

And why can one do without fabulously expensive options?

Read more about this below.

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You can create a website in Estonia, or more precisely in our studio, in various ways

1. The "Most expensive option" website:

Custom website tailored to the client's needs. Unique design + "engine".

How is the work structured?

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A team of highly skilled specialists works on website development in Estonia, more precisely in our studio: a project manager, internet marketer, designer, programmer, content editor, and copywriter.

You order a custom website design layout. This is a distinctive visual packaging for your future website.

After creating the design mockup, we get it approved by the client, make revisions, consider any requests, and then the programmer gets to work.

He "writes code" for your website and creates an administration panel. This part is usually the most labor-intensive and generally takes up the lion's share of time.

Advantages of the mid-price segment for website creation in Estonia, specifically at our studio:

  • exclusive design and an engine tailored to your needs
  • extensive analytical work of the specialist team


  • in the future, you will need to hire a programmer and a content editor to your team in order to add, update, and enhance the functionality of the website.
Who is this website creation option suitable for?

This option of website creation is suitable for large firms with individual needs.

2. Website "Mid-price segment":

Custom design layout, but standard, ready-made «engine».

How is the work organized?

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In this option, there is also the development of a unique website design layout. However, the programmer does NOT build the entire system from scratch.

ОHe will use a standard website "engine," CMS – a stand-alone technological platform, which is already freely available on the internet.

There are paid and free versions.

We will choose the most optimal system for your project.

You can view our company’s contact details for website creation on the " contacts " page.


  • The work takes less time
  • The project costs are lower
  • A large staff of high-class programmers works on external CMS platforms, who consistently release updates.
  • Numerous ready-made solutions, plugins to enhance your website.
  • A wide selection of design layouts for various needs: from corporate websites to online stores.


  • A standard set of functions (if using an open-source CMS, almost any functionality can be added by our developers)
Who is this website creation option suitable for?

This website creation option is suitable for companies that have individual design needs.

3. The "Without design" website:

There are websites where design takes a backseat, and the development of a reliable technical part comes to the forefront. Here, only clear functionality and a simple interface are of importance.

How does the work proceed?


These can be internal company reporting systems, employee catalogs, etc. Sometimes, on a customer's ready-made site, it is only necessary to finalize the product catalog or payment system.


  • no need to change anything, just develop some functions further


  • often, lack of usability. It’s good if only your company employees see your site and they are already accustomed to its interface, which was developed in the early 2000s. But if it is publicly available on the internet, and its tasks include generating profit, and it does not convert, then its model is morally outdated. Be attentive, the interface may NOT be understandable to the user. Your client may not understand what target action they need to perform on this site. Sometimes a buyer cannot figure out where to click. Sometimes, how to pay. Your site definitely needs usability testing. Otherwise, you lose profit.
Who is this website creation option suitable for?

Such a website creation option in Estonia, or more precisely in our studio, is suitable for any companies that need to refine the functionality of the website or create its technical part from scratch.

4. Website "Ready Template + Our Improvements":

This website creation option, following an "all-inclusive" principle, is based on a ready-made template. However, we "write in" the necessary functions into your site. In other words, this is simply a foundation to work further with, not a ready-made solution.

How does the work proceed?


We purchase a ready-made template online from one of the well-known CMS platforms, and our developers refine this version to meet your needs. The website becomes unique, both externally (in design) and technically – for search engines.


  • saving time and money on creating the technical part
  • saving time and money on creating a design layout
  • a unique website that satisfies your needs.


  • нnone observed, because a team of professionals works on the site, both from the CMS platform side and from our side.

We are waiting for you in our studio "website creation in Estonia".

Please note that these options do not suit everyone, and each website requires a unique approach. We will select the most optimal option for you, taking into account your development requests and your project budget.

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создание сайтов в Эстонии

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